There is always room for improvement

Don’t believe everything that you hear and don’t make an assumption about another person based on what someone else told you, even if they are trustworthy. Because when someone describes how someone else acted, guess what? It’s their opinion. That’s all, just “their” opinion of the person. And your “trustworthy” friend could have been having an off day themselves. All I’m saying is, give everyone a chance with you no matter what. Because to you, that person could turn out to one day be your best friend, co-worker, neighbor, in-law, spouse, or church buddy. And if you would have judged that person based off of someone else’s opinion of them, you might be missing out on an awesome new relationship.

I would say “never let someone else change you” but sometimes, change is good. Even if change was inspired or motivated by someone else. We should always want to become better people than the person we were yesterday. There are reasons why, when I worked at Cracker Barrel, that my managers never gave out perfect evaluations. Or why my husband’s (whom has a degree in his field and is very important to his company) manager never or rarely gives perfect scores. Because as good as we already are, we should always want to become better, never settle. There is always room for improvement.

Some people were born to think like that, some were raised to think like that-some weren’t, and some weren’t shown or taught, if you will, to think like that until their adult-hood, by a friend, spouse, boss, or co-worker.

Let’s just cut to the chase, it’s ME I’m speaking of. I’ve lived my life just “settling” on things. I’ve always been a “I am who I am, take it or leave it” type of person. And that’s OK to be like… to an extent.

I’ve always wanted to become a better MOM, wife, daughter, Christian, friend, etc… And so I tried by changing this here or that over there and things just kept crumbling down. What I needed to do was start with ME. Really start with ME. There are ways to change yourself into a better YOU without losing yourself in the process.

I’m weird in that that I obsess over things in my life. A few examples, Facebook-always needing to post something or share pictures or always having to check it every morning and every time I had a spare minute, when I had a best friend-I obsessed over a few aspects of our friendship, if I feel like I’m being ignored, I obsess over it to no end. You know, just petty stuff like that. If you’ve ever been a witness to one of my rants, you are well aware of this. And I’m sorry you had to. Deeply sorry!

So I started with what seemed like the biggest problem at the time that was keeping me from being the MOM, wife, daughter, and friend I’ve wanted to be-FACEBOOK! That’s right, Facebook AGAIN. Anyone wanna take a guess at how many times I’ve deleted that sucker?!

I knew that Facebook was holding me back. I knew that mentally, it was keeping me from the better ME I wanted and needed to be. It was dragging me down.

As much time as I spent with my kids already throughout the day, I knew I wanted and needed to spend MORE time with them. It just got to the point to where I was feeling so overwhelmed with trying to keep this house in working order, plus trying to have weekly Bible study and the occasional play date, and also keeping an infant and a 3 1/2 yr old happy all day. And not to mention, my husband has needs (not those kinds) and wishes that I’d like to grant as well.

My house is another story for another day.

So this time I gave it up. Not because of “drama” over this or that but for sanity’s sake. I have bigger and more important priorities now. These priorities of mine have always been there, I just now see how to juggle them.

My most recent reactivation is for no other reason than me needing to sell some things. I haven’t actually taken the time to upload the pics yet but I will be doing that soon. Really soon. I haven’t even used FB for its purpose since I’ve reactivated.

Still trying to figure out a user friendly way to share pictures with family and friends that don’t have Instagram. Everyone’s been asking every time I see them.

So back to the matter at hand, ever since the initial deactivation of my Facebook account, I can think a little more clearly, I’m happier, and I’m less overwhelmed. Of course because of the 3 I just mentioned, I feel like I get to spend more time with my kiddos. I mean, I’ve always spent this much time with them but now this time isn’t shared with Facebook. My kids and husband deserve the absolute best from me and I may be taking baby steps to get there but I am on my way.

Thanks for reading my book. Stay tuned to dates of my next one…


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