Mother’s Day woes.

Ever have a day where you wake up and you just feel

fat and ugly? 

And no matter what

you did or said or thought about doing to make the day better,


On Mother’s Day of all days.

I wake up sick. So I miss a Mother’s Day gathering. 

My hair wouldn’t sit right.

I had a cold shower because I was the last to jump in. 

Sore throat.

No time to do make up so I felt even uglier.

You look in the mirror and you realize it’s not just the jeans you are wearing

or the fact that you just took them out of the dryer

but you have, in fact, put on a few extra lbs.

And that maybe you shouldn’t have eaten that

ice cream,

 pizza, and wings

with ranch

the night before during game night.

Especially when you had 3 different kinds of cheese dip at a graduation party earlier that day.

Good thing my kids are cute and my husband kept ensuring me that I look great

even with out make up.

My husband is one of those types of people 

who will tell you like it is.

The friend that everyone wants but usually can’t handle.

The one who will tell you when you have a booger in your nose,

or if you are wearing too much makeup.

I love him!

As honest as he is, I love him with all that I am. =)

But other than my horrible start to the day, I had a fantastic Mother’s day.

Sick and all, I got to spend it with the 3 

people I love more than anything else in this world.

The one who made me a mother,

the one who showed me just how big my heart is,

and the one who gave me two of the best 

BOYS in the whole entire world.

We did some shopping, went to see a train, had lunch and dinner, 

got to see my mom and David’s mom,

got to see my Nanny,

and dyed my beautiful blonde hair.

Hair that had NATURAL low lights. Yes, NATURAL

What is wrong with me?! 

I love my hair as a brunette

but I can’t wait to get my beautiful blonde hair back.

I will let my hair look like crap as the color grows out of it

for as long as it takes

just so I can get MY natural hair back.

Good thing it’s a temporary color. 😉

I mean, I’m 29 years old and have never done anything THIS crazy or stupid. 

I mean, I have done some crazy and stupid things but 


It will be ok. 

I refuse to have anxiety over this. =)

Now, off to clean my son’s bathroom.


Boys are gross and you have to clean their bathrooms twice as much as

the other bathrooms. 

I’m gonna start punishing him every time he doesn’t aim IN the toilet.

Maybe taking away a train or something? 

Oh well,

Happy Monday and thanks for reading! =)






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