Mommy Days are fun, 3 yr olds are fun, and my opinion on fashion…

Being a Mommy to a 3 (almost 4) year old is fun.

Especially when they are Iron Man and they go on a killing streak.

I died about 15 times while putting the dishes in the dishwasher yesterday.

Mommy time is awesome and well deserved for any mom every once in a while.

I had a fantastic Mommy Day out. Sometimes it’s hard to know what looks right so that’s why I’m glad I have texting. =) I am still able to ask other people’s opinions with out them physically being there. Thankful for that. Although, I was pretty set on what I was gonna get even if no one else liked it. That’s just how I am sometimes.

I got to go shopping and I didn’t have to rush through the store, through the clothes, and in the dressing room. I had no set time to be back home, just a reasonable time because let’s face it, I have to be responsible and get my daily stuff done, especially when I don’t have my boys here.

I did notice a couple things today while looking at clothes.

1. Just because they make skinny jeans in plus sizes doesn’t make it right to wear them.

assuming you are a bigger woman.

Not sayin’ you can’t  wear skinny jeans, I’m just sayin’, in my opinion, you shouldn’t.

Especially when your thighs stick out past your belly… (ahem…)

And definitely don’t buy them. Because if you buy them, you will most likely wear them…

2. Just because they make dresses with elastic is your size (if you are plus size)

doesn’t mean it’s gonna look good on you. Granted, some things do. But not everything.

3. Horizontal stripes of any kind… wide, skinny, chevron… makes a bigger person look even bigger. True story. so you shouldn’t wear that either…in my opinion.

With ME being a plus (kinda) size girl, I can tell you all of the above is true. So I’m not just being a fashion boss or judgmental  I am speaking from experience.

Ok, I’m not plus size per say but I am also not a size large… I’m on the bigger side.

So anyway, I wanted to buy EVERYTHING just about today.

I am rarely in one of those moods because my house is too small.

But today, I just KNEW that if I bought all the things that I wanted, I would find a place to put them in my tiny house.

But $6.99 for this and $9 for that adds up so I just stuck with what I went in there for…a shirt.

Annnnd maybe a pair of capris and a pair of shorts…

and some greeting cards.

I think I have a shopping problem…

Enough with this post for now. Housewife duty calls.

I am working on 2 more different blog posts currently. It’s just taking some time to concoct.

Some of the stuff I am wanting to write about is a little on the personal side (but I am being encouraged by a few people to write about them and document them) so if you find me interesting in the least, you will want to read them…maybe?

I have started keeping notes so that when I do sit down to write, it doesn’t take as long.

It works sometimes but not today.

I went back and forth on continuing on one of the other posts or start a new post. New post won.

so now after an hour, I am finally done.

bye for today.



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