A few thoughts:

VeggieTales just scared Matthew and made him cry…
Are you as confused as I am?!
I hope that one episode didn’t make him anti-Vegietales because he has learned so much from watching them.

I am so thankful for the very few people who love me even after they got to know me…

I will be starting preschool with Matthew in August and if I told you I wasn’t scared one bit, it would be a big fat lie!!!!

Matthew turns 4 in a couple weeks. It’s always bitter-sweet when your babies get older. You’re proud of them but at the same time, you’re a little sad because you want them to always be your babies.

Planning his party has been pretty stress free this year and I have no idea why. Not one single clue. Maybe I’ve just learned to pick my battles?

My to-do list is about 5 miles long. :-/

Noah has 2 teeth, eats mashed potatoes (along with other babyfood), sits up (still kind of wobbly), army crawls everywhere and is into EVERYTHING. Regular crawls when he’s excited enough. He tried helping me with the dishes tonight. He finally likes my singing. And he’s the happiest lil baby. And boy does he love his big bro. 😉

Updates on his 6 month well check coming soon.


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