Almost 30…OMG!

30 is fast approaching and seems to be coming faster now since life stays busier for me these days. 29 has been a fabulous year but I realized just the other day that I have never made a “Before 30” list. I mean I have thought about doing one but just never followed through with it. At times, I even thought to myself that I’ll just do a “Before 30” list.

Well, with as far as I have come as a person since I entered my 20’s, it wouldn’t be right unless I made a list. There ARE a few things I want to accomplish before entering this new “decade” as I like to call it. Some do 30 before 30. I haven’t numbered my things so I’m not sure how many things will be listed. I’ve discussed these things with my husband and he is on board! 🙂

The list is as follows…

*Run 2 5Ks
*Be healthier than EVER before. Not just skinny but healthy
*run a successful blog
*have my home decluttered

Jeez! I am stating all of these out of memory because I never wrote an actual list. But you get the gist of a few things. I had a whole slew of them the other night. So what I need to do it sit down and think HARD about what I honestly want to accomplish within the next 5 1/2 months and then make it happen. 🙂


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