Moments that turn into memories

So I asked my SIL back when she was here for her summer vacation, last month, what I could do to make my tiny house look cleaner. Mind you, my house was the way I’d keep it everyday if I had that option…clean. No clutter, freshly vacuumed, fresh clean floors and bathrooms…the way I’ve finally been keeping it for several months now. Minus the times Matthew and Noah drags out every toy in the house. 😉 And her answer was: “Maybe if you had less pictures. Less in more.
My unspoken thoughts: “WHAT?!?!?! NOT my pictures.”

My pictures are what defines me. It’s a story of my life. They are my timeline, if you will. I finally know what defines me. Not Facebook, not my husband or kids (even though they ARE the most important people in my life and I would move mountains for them), not my friends, or my occupation (SAHM + housewife)…it is that in which I capture in a picture.

I read a quote a while ago that said something in the nature of “if you want to know what a person loves the most, look at what she photographs”. Ok…so maybe I shouldn’t have quoted that because I don’t think I’m even slightly close to the right wording…but you get the picture. {no pun intended}. 😉

I absolutely want to capture every moment of this precious life of mine. My husband, my boys, my husband with my boys, my friends, family, people who come into my life, even if it’s for a little while. All of these people play apart of molding me into this person I am. This picture loving mama of a person. 😉

All of my pictures don’t look great. I am by no means a professional but I absolutely love capturing moments that will eventually turn into memories.


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