What in the world am I doing wrong?!

I don’t understand why it seems like everyone else in the world can run and workout except for me. Seriously! Every. Single. Time. I start on my healthy trip, something stalls it. At one point, it was a cold, then shin splints, then I got pregnant (very thankful for this blessed hiccup in my road to healthy), then I lose my personal health coach, no longer have a baby sitter. FINALLY STOPPED MAKING EXCUSES… Started running again when my husband got home…in the daylight…around lots of people where it’s safe. Then I develop tendinitis and bursitis in my dang knee. I’ve been out since basically last Friday.

What am I doing wrong? There HAS to be something I’m doing wrong that others are doing right. I got great running shoes that are highly recommended. I stretch, I’m hydrated, I eat light. I walk before I run so I don’t over do it. I mean, what in the world is it?!?!?!

I just get so frustrated. Running is something I never knew I’d be able to do and is something I fell in love with but I just can’t seem to do it. lol

Sorry bout the vent, guys. Havin’ a rough time tonight.

On another note…one of the worst feelings in the world is needing to vent but you really don’t know who you can vent to. Who would care…who could you trust…I just absolutely don’t understand how people keep things bottled inside themselves. I mean, I was born to talk, I guess. I just don’t really know who to talk to…at nearly 3 in the morning. So this is one reason it’s good to blog.

Which brings me to another point…I want to be uplifting and encouraging and this post is far from it. Sorry guys!

Anyway, I’ve just got a lot goin’ on right now if you would so kindly say a quick prayer for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚


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