4 year well check recap and kit kats

TWENTY FOLLOWERS on my lil ole blog!!! YAY! This is exiting for me. =) Thank you all.

Kit Kat miniatures are the most awesomest candies in the whole wide world. Not sayin’ I ate any yesterday…not sayin’ I didn’t. I’m just sayin…



So M’s 4 yr check up was today and his height, weight, and BMI are all normal. He passed both, his hearing and vision tests. Thank God! Dr. said he is “a very smart little boy”. But we do need to work on pronouncing words…just a few… and she was very encouraging when I told her that we were doing Pre-K at home. So thankful for my smart and healthy lil 4 year old. He didn’t, however, take too well to his shots… But what kid does?! Well, a lot of kids, I’m sure. But not mine. Oh well, he is fine now. =)

For anyone asking and wondering how much my 7 month old baby weighs, he weighs nearly 23 lbs. I weighed him today at the Drs office. We will most likely have to buy him a new car seat pretty soon.


That is all for today.


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