“He wasn’t asking me to walk another’s road – He was asking me to trust Him as I walked the road He’d set out for me, and I need only to trust Him and know that HE WILL BE THERE.”

So I read on a blog last night something very encouraging. Btw, I strive when I am constantly being encouraged. Whether it be through prayer, a pep talk, or from reading something. In my case last night, I was encouraged by reading. 

A couple posts ago, I asked for prayers. I was at my wits end and just didn’t know what to do. Have you ever been so discouraged that you just didn’t have the strength to pray yourself?! So you ask others to pray for you?! Well, that was my feelings that night exactly. 

I have been battling this particular situation for some time now, on and off, and it seemed to take a turn for the worse. Completely slipped right out of my hands, I had lost control. I was lonely and scared. I knew I had plenty of people that would listen and some would offer advice but some would pray and just listen. I knew I had these people in my life. But at the same time, my conscious  kept telling me reasons to NOT include this person or that person. And so I just asked for a general prayer request. And I thank you if you prayed for me! Things got worse before they got better. But the great thing? I smiled through pretty much all of it. Because even in the worst of times, I am still so blessed and so thankful to have all that I have, including a Risen Savior. 😉 And my boys always keep me laughing. Always!

So the blog post that I was reading was about a miscarriage, something completely unrelated to my situation, btw. I am subscribe to a few blogs and for the most part, delete them before reading them, unless I have time…which I hardly ever have time. I save them in my email for days before realizing my list has gotten longer and that I’d probably not be able to read them.  I usually catch up on some of the same blogs on the Bloglovin so don’t worry. 😉 But last night, before reading the Bible, I read this particular post on miscarriages and how to heal from them. 

The one sentence I take away from this post (above all other) was:

“He wasn’t asking me to walk another’s road – He was asking me to trust Him as I walked the road He’d set out for me, and I need only to trust Him and know that HE WILL BE THERE.”

Above all other words in this post. And this was an over all uh-mazing and encouraging post, the words above were the most encouraging.

I am a busy mom. I have a husband, my boys, a house, commitments with sweet friends and loving family, and now, pre-K with my first born. I honestly have no idea how anyone reads more than one blog post a day when there are a lot of people who are busier than I am. And I can barely get one in a day, let alone write one.  So I don’t think it was by happenstance that I didn’t trash this blog right away. Call me a weirdo if you will. But God knew I needed this. 

After having dinner with a sweet, precious friend last night (after the gym), and realizing that talking about the issue that I’m going through helped with everything weighing on my mind but I still didn’t have an answer to all of this madness. 

I know for a fact that I had been secretly wishing that God would just point me in a different direction and would put me on a different path. But this IS the path God has chosen for me. Bad analogy (don’t hate)…people who are fit didn’t get that way without enduring a lil pain. And that goes with out saying, God’s children do not become stronger in Him with out enduring a lil bit of pain. 😉 Food for thought. 

This path that I’m going down through THIS season of my life is still gonna be rocky. I don’t know how to handle it on my own. I know I can try but it won’t do me any good with our putting my trust in God. 

Thankful for the Short Stop Blog (your posts are always a joy to read). Thankful for me sweet friend, Jennifer, who is always there to listen. And PRAY!!! And for all of you wonderful followers and FB friends that have prayed for me and not knowing exactly what you are praying  about. 😉


20 things…

1…I love pictures (duh). I love taking pictures of my kids, husband, my friends, and everyone I care about. I love capturing moments that will soon turn into memories, to be completely cliche’.

2…I have a hard time spelling the words Divorce, decision, vacuum, and just basically words that include the letters “C”, “S”, “I”, and “E”.

3…I use Google as my dictionary…probably more than I should. It helps me spell as well.

4…I don’t love shopping for my person but I do love shopping for my boys and my home.

5…I hate spending money but I do when I am upset.

6…I don’t shave…I get full body waxes.

7…I am following over 300 people on Instagram and most of them belong to blogs I keep up with.

8…When I’m in a bad mood but don’t know what type of music I want to listen to, I just put my iPod on shuffle and let destiny take over.

9…I do believe in destiny.

10… I still own a boring, non-data cell phone.

11… Thunderstorms scare me only when I’m out in them. Other people’s driving in predictable.

12…I want 2 more kids which will make 4 but liposuction sounds pretty great right about now…

13…I am a saved Christian but do not go to church on a regular basis. (go ahead, let the judging begin)

14…My most favorite site is seeing my boys laughing and playing. I know that’s boring but to me, it’s wonderful.

15…I don’t think I am addicted to anything but I guess it depends on your definition of addicted.

16…It’s not easy for me to multi-task but I can, however, run circles around my kids while cleaning. 😉

17…I love to write about my feelings but then feel regret once I hit “post”.

18…I love waterfalls. I can sit and watch them for hours.

19… Today, I am having a pretty lazy but semi-productive day.

20… Lately, I enjoy staying at home with my boys more than going out.

Advice from yours truly

(disclaimer: this is advice solely based on my opinion so if you do any of it and get bad results, just remember that I didn’t twist your arm to try it)

**You should smile…even when it hurts. You never know when you will turn someone’s bad mood around just by your smile. Warning: It’s contagious.

But the greater reward? You can be a blessing to someone else just by smiling at someone-anyone. You never know what they may be going through.

**if anyone…ANY ONE seeks YOU out for advice, to vent, or for a prayer request, honor their request, PLEASE! They obviously think enough of you to seek YOU out for such personal reasons. And again, you could very well turn their bad mood around. And turn their frown upside down.

**try praying, yourself, before you ask for a prayer request.

That’s all for now. Have a great Wednesday!


It’s about to get real up in here!



::disclosure:: This is merely what I have found that helped ME…not promising it will help you. =)

So let’s get real for a minute. The above picture is what I walked into this morning when coming down stairs. What you might see is a small messy living room. But what I see is the start of a great day. To me, it means only picking up from last night’s affairs for literally a couple minutes and more time to clean other things such as dust or in my case, clean the blinds and baseboards. But most of all, give me more time to have lunch with my Mom and Dad and to be with my kids, stress free. 

The above picture is about 100% better than what my house looked like on the reg for the 1st 4 years of my marriage. And now, I couldn’t imagine it being any worse that it was this morning…for more than 24 hours (when I’m well). The week that my knee had me down and out is another story. But that is over and done with. I am not ready to show you an after picture (once I picked up all the toys on the floor and did a once over with the vacuum) because I now have all of my pretties from my TV stand laid out on the couch while I’m in the process of dusting. Blinds are next. 😉

Why does this excite me or make me happy you ask? I know, it’s JUST a house. Because for 4 long years of doing this house wife thing, I have never been one to keep a clean, straightened house. I am not an organized person. Heck, I’ve never even had my kids on a schedule of any kind. My life is not a controlled life.

I was encouraged earlier this year to blog about my journey to a clean house (in my words) but I could never come up with the right words. I mean, who wants to tell other people that their house is or was not clean?! Well, the term “clean” is a broad term. I use it loosely. Because when it comes to “Clean”…actual definition, no, my house has never been “dirty”. But I didn’t know one thing about how to get the “daily cleaning” thing going. My house stayed junky and unorganized and my 1st born’s toys were hardly ever put up. I had a “junk room” which is now a nice clean bedroom for my boys. But don’t even get me started on their closet. Or mine. And OH THE LAUNDRY PILES. 

But early this year, something snapped in me and I just got it. It didn’t happen over night. It took work and dedication. Even on bad days. You know, those days you just want to sit in front of that TV and do nothing. Especially those days. And at the end of the day (each day), when I take a look at my progress, it gives me HOPE for the next day. My house still has some hot spots… ::cough:: my closet ::cough::

but I worked each and every day (minus weekends) for a couple months straight and decluttered my house, room by room. It wasn’t ANY THING close to Hoarders by any means. I just had A LOT of “hot spots”. And I was told by a very smart person that “clutter draws you in”. Very true words. Clutter draws you in, makes you lazy, and consumes you. I think “clutter” was my middle name there for a while, you know? 

I am very proud of my progress. Now that I no longer feel consumed by my {not so} cluttered house, I now have more time for weekly deep cleaning. Yes, I said weekly deep cleaning. I have found that if I deep clean the most used rooms (kitchen and bathrooms) weekly, it is easier to stay on top of the house. And I have found that doing at least 1 load of laundry each day helps with keeping those laundry baskets if not empty then near empty. washing laundry daily isn’t the most economical way but it’s the “Jonie Way” and it’s what keeps my house going. 

I have come a long way. I don’t have the natural “knack” for cleaning house. I was not raised in a super duper clean house and so it was not instilled in me (still love my parent’s to pieces, though) so this is something that I have to work HARD at each and every day. Harder than most other people. But it’s what I want, more than mostly anything. I don’t want to be known for my cluttered house. I want people to walk in my house and enjoy their setting. And if they comment on my clean house, I want to be proud. I want to have PRIDE in my house and now I DO have pride in my home and it is hopefully starting to show. But again, it’s not something that’s gonna come naturally until it becomes 2nd nature to me. 

And I hope that if there is ANY one else out there that is going through what I went through nearly the entire extent of my 5 year marriage (God bless my wonderful husband for putting up with me) and just can’t seem to find the knack to keep a clean and organized home, that THIS blog post, RIGHT HERE will give you some sort of inspiration. 

I still have a long way to go. Later today, I still have to go and organize MY closet upstairs (Lord, help me), and don’t even get me started on my garage. But because I have most everything else under control, I now have time to blog about it, dust my living room and blinds, and then possibly baseboards).

What do you get out of having and keeping a clean house? A happy husband, happy kids, and a sense of accomplishment and self pride. 

God Bless you all! ❤