20 things…

1…I love pictures (duh). I love taking pictures of my kids, husband, my friends, and everyone I care about. I love capturing moments that will soon turn into memories, to be completely cliche’.

2…I have a hard time spelling the words Divorce, decision, vacuum, and just basically words that include the letters “C”, “S”, “I”, and “E”.

3…I use Google as my dictionary…probably more than I should. It helps me spell as well.

4…I don’t love shopping for my person but I do love shopping for my boys and my home.

5…I hate spending money but I do when I am upset.

6…I don’t shave…I get full body waxes.

7…I am following over 300 people on Instagram and most of them belong to blogs I keep up with.

8…When I’m in a bad mood but don’t know what type of music I want to listen to, I just put my iPod on shuffle and let destiny take over.

9…I do believe in destiny.

10… I still own a boring, non-data cell phone.

11… Thunderstorms scare me only when I’m out in them. Other people’s driving in predictable.

12…I want 2 more kids which will make 4 but liposuction sounds pretty great right about now…

13…I am a saved Christian but do not go to church on a regular basis. (go ahead, let the judging begin)

14…My most favorite site is seeing my boys laughing and playing. I know that’s boring but to me, it’s wonderful.

15…I don’t think I am addicted to anything but I guess it depends on your definition of addicted.

16…It’s not easy for me to multi-task but I can, however, run circles around my kids while cleaning. 😉

17…I love to write about my feelings but then feel regret once I hit “post”.

18…I love waterfalls. I can sit and watch them for hours.

19… Today, I am having a pretty lazy but semi-productive day.

20… Lately, I enjoy staying at home with my boys more than going out.


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