“He wasn’t asking me to walk another’s road – He was asking me to trust Him as I walked the road He’d set out for me, and I need only to trust Him and know that HE WILL BE THERE.”

So I read on a blog last night something very encouraging. Btw, I strive when I am constantly being encouraged. Whether it be through prayer, a pep talk, or from reading something. In my case last night, I was encouraged by reading. 

A couple posts ago, I asked for prayers. I was at my wits end and just didn’t know what to do. Have you ever been so discouraged that you just didn’t have the strength to pray yourself?! So you ask others to pray for you?! Well, that was my feelings that night exactly. 

I have been battling this particular situation for some time now, on and off, and it seemed to take a turn for the worse. Completely slipped right out of my hands, I had lost control. I was lonely and scared. I knew I had plenty of people that would listen and some would offer advice but some would pray and just listen. I knew I had these people in my life. But at the same time, my conscious  kept telling me reasons to NOT include this person or that person. And so I just asked for a general prayer request. And I thank you if you prayed for me! Things got worse before they got better. But the great thing? I smiled through pretty much all of it. Because even in the worst of times, I am still so blessed and so thankful to have all that I have, including a Risen Savior. 😉 And my boys always keep me laughing. Always!

So the blog post that I was reading was about a miscarriage, something completely unrelated to my situation, btw. I am subscribe to a few blogs and for the most part, delete them before reading them, unless I have time…which I hardly ever have time. I save them in my email for days before realizing my list has gotten longer and that I’d probably not be able to read them.  I usually catch up on some of the same blogs on the Bloglovin so don’t worry. 😉 But last night, before reading the Bible, I read this particular post on miscarriages and how to heal from them. 

The one sentence I take away from this post (above all other) was:

“He wasn’t asking me to walk another’s road – He was asking me to trust Him as I walked the road He’d set out for me, and I need only to trust Him and know that HE WILL BE THERE.”

Above all other words in this post. And this was an over all uh-mazing and encouraging post, the words above were the most encouraging.

I am a busy mom. I have a husband, my boys, a house, commitments with sweet friends and loving family, and now, pre-K with my first born. I honestly have no idea how anyone reads more than one blog post a day when there are a lot of people who are busier than I am. And I can barely get one in a day, let alone write one.  So I don’t think it was by happenstance that I didn’t trash this blog right away. Call me a weirdo if you will. But God knew I needed this. 

After having dinner with a sweet, precious friend last night (after the gym), and realizing that talking about the issue that I’m going through helped with everything weighing on my mind but I still didn’t have an answer to all of this madness. 

I know for a fact that I had been secretly wishing that God would just point me in a different direction and would put me on a different path. But this IS the path God has chosen for me. Bad analogy (don’t hate)…people who are fit didn’t get that way without enduring a lil pain. And that goes with out saying, God’s children do not become stronger in Him with out enduring a lil bit of pain. 😉 Food for thought. 

This path that I’m going down through THIS season of my life is still gonna be rocky. I don’t know how to handle it on my own. I know I can try but it won’t do me any good with our putting my trust in God. 

Thankful for the Short Stop Blog (your posts are always a joy to read). Thankful for me sweet friend, Jennifer, who is always there to listen. And PRAY!!! And for all of you wonderful followers and FB friends that have prayed for me and not knowing exactly what you are praying  about. 😉


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