PJs and Pre-K? Yes, please!

ImageLast Monday was my 1st born’s first day of Home Pre-K. I nearly teared up while making his sign. But the good thing is, I am his teacher. 😉

Last week sure was a trying week. We started off really strong on Monday and by Wednesday, I was nearly at a loss for words. lol He wouldn’t stay focused and it was merely a game for him. So after a lot of prayers and encouragement from other home schooling moms, we started back with a boom on Thursday. We ended the week with major progress and might I add that it feels AMAZING to watch your kids learn new things beyond your very eyes and it makes it just that much more special knowing you are the one who taught it to him. 

All in all, the first week was shaky but I think we are gonna do well with this new journey of ours. I am excited about this new week and even more excited that it’s only a 4 day week. haha 😉 One good thing about doing pre-K at home? We are staying in our PJs today. At least until it’s time to go outside and even then, it’s iffy. 



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