Randomness by Yours Truly

I haven’t posted in quite sometime. Between 2 kids, a husband, preschool, and a social life, I stay pretty busy.

Preschool is going pretty well. We have reached a point to where we shall move on to the next step. Honestly, I feel that I am 100% capable of getting my 4 yr old ready for kindergarten but the fact of the matter is, I have never done this before so I’m pretty much just winging it through prayer and many, many midnight talks with my husband. We just want what’s best for our boys.

We bought a new van about a month ago and I have to tell you that I am just tickled pink about it. Seriously! Every had been praying that we would eventually get a good car and honestly, I feel that we were blessed beyond measure. Before this van, we owned 2 really crappy cars that just kept falling apart. It felt like every time we got in one of them, something else broke. And I joke to my husband all the time that it seems like the makers had our family in mind while they were designing this van. It just fits our lifestyle so perfectly. Before this purchase, I or my husband have never owned this new of a vehicle. We are super duper thrilled!

So, this is my “me-time” right now and you know I am behind on house work when I choose to spend it at home, upstairs, doing laundry. 😉 Preschool is going great but I have let my upstairs level go this past month. I’m embarrassed at how far behind I’ve gotten on laundry. Yuck!

So my 9 month old started walking last week. I joke all the time that it’s because I listened to Mozart while I was pregnant with him. Seriously, had it blasting in the car driving down the road. 😉

I am beyond excited that he has reached this milestone. I don’t have any pictures to share but I have a video on my Facebook page. He is walking more and more on his own now. We work with him daily. I knew that God would give my 2 wonderful boys but I had no idea that they would be THIS wonderful or being a parent would feel THIS amazing. I don’t wanna blink.

I haven’t been to church in quite a while do to things we have planned here and there and some days, I just want to take the time to sleep in while my boys are still asleep. Not proud of it but it’s true. I have promised a couple people that I’d visit their church so I plan on following through with those plans really soon.

My life has been pretty fun and interesting to me lately but when I put it into words, it doesn’t sound too interesting. lol So I’m sorry if I’ve bored you but Mommy duty calls. Have a blessed day. 🙂


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