4 year old’s lesson on spiders

Yesterday, my mom sent me a recording via text of my 4 yr old singing “Jesus Loves Me” back when he first started making sentences and singing songs. So you can only imagine how freakin’ adorable that was. I’m not sure of his actual age but it was so stickin’ sweet that my heart was about to explode.

So hearing that sweet sound coming from my phone made me a lil sad…extremely happy…but sad. He is just getting so big. Too fast. Before I know it, he will be in Kindergarten, then going off to college. I can’t even take it. lol

I mean, I love the now but I miss him when he was still a baby. Now, he is old enough to steal my heart in other ways. Last night, on the ride home from our friend’s house, the topic of conversation was spiders. Seriously. Funny. Stuff. I wish I would have documented it as it was going on because I can’t remember much about it today.

Something about spiders…orange and yellow ones…they don’t jump on you if they are in the web, they only jump on you if they are just sitting there. And they don’t bite you…they just sit there.

He was giving us a lesson on spiders. 😉 Oh and one of my favorite quotes from last night, which had me and my husband literally rolling, was “if you walk by, they won’t jump on you, they just chill there in the web”. I swear, it was funnier when he said it. haha

But you get the picture. He is simply one amazing 4 year old who I am so very thankful for and my life would not be the same with out him. So I will continue to cherish these moments. I’m trying not to blink. 😉


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