God’s plan

“Remember this important fact about God. He never asks anything of us to make Himself look better. The demands He makes on our lives are NEVER for His personal gain. We cannot make Him any more God than He already is. He would be no less Lord of lords if no one believed.“-Beth Moore in the Living beyond Yourself Fruits of the spirit workbook.

“He would be no less Lord of lords if no one believed.” These words really spoke to me last night in Bible study. I believe that if NO ONE believed in Him, Jesus would have still carried that cross up that hill. He would have STILL endured the beating and humiliation He endured. He would have still been nailed to that cross. He would have still let His mama watch Him die for us…for ME. Because He had a purpose. He came to save US from this old sinful world.  This man did all of that for US. And because He loves us unconditionally and He proves it time and time again, He suffered and died. He suffered and died. I know I sound a lil redundant but I am in awe of such an amazing Man. He knew that this world would reject Him, mock Him, and deny Him. But He endured all of that pain anyway. He grew that tree that He knew would be made to build the old rugged cross as the song says. Let’s keep going…Nothing took His life. With love He gave it. He was crucified on a tree that He created. Wow!!!! What an amazing spirit there is this morning. 

I had plans to write about the specifics of my Bible study last night and how my mind was completely blown but it looks like God had other plans. But just an idea about last night. My Bible study partner and I are doing a work book on the Fruits of the Spirit with Beth Moore and we work independently then talk about what we have read and studied on. And well, I don’t really make as much time as I should to do my book so we are on different sections of the book. But by the time we decided to call if quits for the night, my heart was full. My brain was content. God’s spirit was in overdrive. But He gave me exactly what I needed last night. And just knowing that I needed it SO badly and the way it was shown to me, my mind was absolutely blown. What a wonderful God we serve! He is right on time. And right on point as well. 

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will be a blessing to you in some way.


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