So I am not doing the 30 day thankful challenge on FB because let’s face it, if I had to rely on a birth control pill to keep me from getting pregnant, I’d surely get pregnant. I am just a forgetful (yet, thankful) person. But I want to take a few minutes to state what I’m thankful for. Be ware that some may seem rather silly. And none of these are in any particular order of importance. I write them as they come.

First thing, I am thankful for Siri in my iphone. Ha! She spells words that I don’t quite know how to spell. 😉

2ndly, This time last year, we were making the last minute preparations for my 10 month old’s baby shower and now, we are planning his first birthday. I am so thankful for him. This year has been one of the bests. My 1st born’s first year being the other best. I am head over hills in love with my boys!

3rd, I love nights that my man and I can lay down, cuddle and watch a movie. We stayed up til nearly 3 this morning but the quality time is so worth it. He is my best friend, my rock! I am very thankful for the nearly 10 years we have been together and 5 1/2 that we have been married.

4th, DVR. Very thankful to be able to record movies/shows to watch them later…like today, when I’m kid free. But I gotta tell ya, having my boys here is way more fun.

5th, I am thankful to have such photogenic boys. I just look at their pictures on the wall and I can’t help but to smile each time.

6th, new friendships!

7th, and unfailing God.

8th, the person I have become!

9th, a healthy family.

10th, a Mom who shows me daily, her unconditional love.

There are so many more things. But here are 10. And technically, I’m ahead as it is only day 6. 😉


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