When I can’t be there, I know One that is…

So I woke up in the middle of the night with a heavy heart. For the record, 5:30 am IS considered the “middle of the night” for me. Anything before 7 am is…

Anyway, my heart is scared for my oldest son for when he goes to real school and is forced to be around other kids. Did I prepare him well enough to be able to function around other kids?! He has been home with me every day for his whole life. With minimal interaction with other kids his age. Will he keep up with the other kids or will he expect Mommy to swoop in there and pick him up of he falls instead of getting back up on his feet to keep on a going. Will he be sad of other kids pick on him? How will he react to other kids picking on him? Will he make friends or will he sit at the lunch table lonely and alone? Will what he has to say interest other kids like it interests Mommy? Will they hang on his every word like Mommy does? Will they be considerate of his feelings like Mommy is? Will they force him into doing things he knows he shouldn’t?

The truth is, I. Just. Don’t. Know. I don’t know what the future holds. I can’t always be there to protect him all the time anymore. I have to let him grow and experience his own path. I will always be here to kiss his boo-boos and to give him kind words to sooth his broken heart. And to PRAY for him. But he will never learn in life if I don’t let him experience some things on his own. It’s hard. I want to always be there. I never want him to be sad or to have a broken heart. Or to be picked on. Or to pick on other people.

I want him to be a good influence. To be a leader, not a follower. Have a huge love for God that only grows bigger. I want him to lead people to Jesus. To be a blessing. To have great Christian friends whom I know will be there to comfort him and to build him up when I can’t be there.

But All of that starts with a simple prayer. I pray, in the name of Jesus, that my M will be surrounded with an abundance of Christian people in his life. People who will lift him up, will be there for him and he for them, will be great influences to him.

I don’t usually pray on paper- where others can read at least. And the above isn’t my whole prayer but is part of one that I’ve prayed time and time before. I pray that The Lord will place us in a church home that will help all of us grow as Christians. But of course, I know He will once we are out there looking. M

I love my boys more than anything. I would be right there by their side every second of their lives of I could. But I can’t. But I know One that will always be with them. Praise Jesus! Please help me pray this same prayer for my boys. Thank you in advance. I know this post is full of unfinished thoughts (I feel that way anyway). I just feel like I couldn’t stress my feelings enough. But thank you for reading and praying! Have a wonderful day.



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