I said honesty and I didn’t let you down…

I know exactly what I need to do. I need to lose weight. Not just lose weight. I need to be healthy. I am SO tired of looking at all these fit moms and thinking “One day…” It’s sad, really. It’s so frustrating!!! I need to do it for ME, for my boys. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind either. I need to do it to have a healthy pregnancy (by the grace of God, in the near future). I have been overweight and pregnant and I do not recommend it. It’s all fine and glorious until you hit the 7th month. Then you are just praying that you’ll be able to sleep through the night.

Let’s be honest…you want to know WHY it’s so hard for me to lose weight?! It’s because I love food. Food is just too good. I am not using this as an excuse or justifying it. I’m telling you what goes on in my head every. single. day. Every time I get bored. Every time I get hungry.

I will say if again. It’s sad, really! But I KNOW how to eat healthy. I read up on it all the time. I know how to work out. I’ve done both and felt great and over all, loved it. So there is NO excuse! None!

I will be 30 in just 1 short month. I told my husband that I do NOT want to look like this on my birthday. Now, granted, I am not humongous. I mean, compared to a whale, I’m a toothpick. But I know I need to be thinner…healthier. But of course I told my husband the above statement and what do I do to fix it? Well, the same thing any person would do who wants to lose weight. I ate 3 cookies, a pack of gummies, and 2 large cups of coffee today. Of course I said that with every bit of sarcasm I could muster.

So I leave you with this…I will not promise that I’ll lose weight and look better in one month. But I can promise that I will pray each day for God to give me that extra umph that I need! Cause it’s important to me to be healthier for everyone I love!


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