Life happens

So my baby is turning ONE.

You’ll probably see a couple of these posts so I apologize in advance. 😉

I am a lil sad and a lot excited!!! This is a big deal. God gave me not one, but TWO amazing bundles of joy. And they have been my conversation piece, my dress up dolls, my reasons to smile when I can’t seem to find a reason, my pride and joy, my sunshines on a rainy day, my cuddle bugs, my play-mates, my reasons to wake up each morning, my 2 lil EVERYTHINGS; oh and SO MUCH MORE. There aren’t enough words to describe what wonderful blessings my 2 boys are to me and everyone around them.

This birthday, my #2’s birthday is harder for me than #1’s 1st birthday was. Why you ask? Good question!

Is it because he’s my baby and he may be my last? And I’ll never get to experience a first year again? Or is it because he is already SO independent and he needs me less and less each day (not really but it sure seems that way. lol)? Or is it because I know what it’s like to miss your kid’s when they were babies and you don’t want this stage to end so soon?

YES!!! All of it!

But I know they must grow. It’s been so wonderful watch #2 grow and learn this past year. He is one amazing kid who has me smiling just by writing this. He is a stinker and a busy-body. He keeps me on my toes. And with him being so active and physically curious, I still have not once thought that I couldn’t handle more kids. He makes me want more. If all kids are makes my life as special as these 2 boys have made mine then I could have 10…no 5…no, 2! Just 2 more! 😉 but of course I can only have as many as my checking account allows.

Wow! What a rant! Have a fabulous Wednesday and Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t get to say in before. Speaking of…man! I can’t wait for DRESSING!!!!!


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