Chopping post for Turkey Day ;-)

Yep! It’s 3:30 am…on THANKSGIVING and I am starting a blog post. Your guess is right…I am crazy! But I have some things on my heart today.

I am so THANKFUL this year. For both things money CAN buy and things money CAN’T buy. But the things that money can’t buy mean SO much more to me than anything.

There is a depth of my heart in which only 4 people have ever entered. And that is where they will stay, always. 3 are the obvious and the 4th one knows who they are.

Everyone knows that my boys (husband, #1, and #2) are my life. Words can not express the love I have for them.

I am thankful for them each and every minute.

Each time they smile.

Each time they laugh. Oh how I love to hear my babies laughs.

Their HEALTH!!!! So thankful that we are not spending Thanksgiving in a hospital. But a part of me feels a lil guilty because of the ones that have to. Oh how I wish they could be home with family.

Their sweet, sweet faces.

When they hug me ever so tightly. And when the big one tells me a million times a day how much he loves me. ME! They love me more than anyone in this entire world. I don’t guess this. I KNOW this because there is just a bond between my boys and me that can never be broken. Ever!

The. List. Just. Goes. On. And that’s not an understatement. All the words in the world can not explain how blessed I am to have my boys in my life. God chose me to be their mom and I am eternally grateful!!!

You can’t buy a mother/son love or the bond they share. Not with all the money in the world.

I keep wondering what in the world I did to deserve all of this…these amazing blessings!

My 20’s were hard. I’m not gonna lie. I spent the past 10 years learning ME. Growing into this person I am today. And guess what? I’m not finished growing. I list so many friendship within the past decade. But with each friendship fail, a lil lesson was gained. Lessons that would one day lead me to where I am now and preparing me for a much bigger plan in the future.

One thing that has been my constant in the past 10 years is my husband. He has never left my side. I loved him with all that I was when I married him 5 years ago. And I love him so much deeper, stronger, and with more passion than ever before. Cause you see, in the past 10 years, I went from a young teenager to a wife and mother of two who has to re-learn every day to be the person, wife, mother, and friend that I want to be. Is it expected of me? Yes! But I also WANT to be the mom that’s 3 boys deserve. I WANT to return the amazing love they have for me. I WANT to make them feel as special as they make me feel, day in and day out. And so I will strive every day to be a better person than I was yesterday. For them and for me.

So, I’m not going to say “people say…” But I will say that I’ve heard that people make their most lasting friendships while in college. I still don’t know if that’s true as I never went to a 4 yr college.
And I will also say that during what would have been my college years, I barely knew me. And I changed so much during that time.

But as the seasons in my life changed, the more people God put in my life. To help mold me, to teach me lessons, to be there for me, to look up to, to pray with…

And it wasn’t until this past year that everything started falling into place. I realized WHY certain things happened. God has a bigger plan for me that I couldn’t ever imagine.

And here I sit, telling you all how much all that heart ache, struggle, ups, and downs helped me. I realize now that God was testing me, He was using me, teaching me, and molding me. He did that because there is no way the 24 year old Jonie would be able to handle the current season I am in. I have learned how to be a friend, and WIFE. And it’s only by the grave of God that I keep learning how to become a better wife and friend than I was the day before.

I believe whole heartedly that the people (each and every one) who are in my life right now are here to stay. We all have this bond…the type of bond that can only be molded by Jesus Himself. ;-). He is what our friendships are based on.
And so, with that said, I will say that I. Am. So. Thankful. For. My. Past. Present. And future.

I don’t know what my future holds but I know the One who holds it.

This money CAN buy…or things that money bought.

We don’t have a lot of money. We are a single income family living paycheck to paycheck. But I will not sit here and gloat about the things that we worked hard for and was ultimately blessed with. I will not gloat about material things. But I will say that I am 100% THANKFUL for them. And there is nothing wrong with being thankful for material things.

Please understand that these things haven’t even scratched the surface of the list of things/people I am thankful for but it’s 3:30…not 4:30 am y’all! Lol!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!!










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