Sweet wishes



I love this little boy with all that I am. He has my whole heart and so does his brother. I’ve wondered, before being a mom, how in the world it’s possible for more than one person to have your whole heart but there is something about hearing that little heart beat for the first time that puts everything in perspective for you.

M will be going to Kindergarten in just a few short months and that’s when his life begins, so to speak. That’s when he will start to shine more so than he has already. And I just pray that the impact that he makes on each person that he meets is a wonderful one and that his little personality will take him to so many wonderful places. I pray that he makes friendships that will last a lifetime. People that will encourage and inspire him. People that will help him make GOOD decisions and that will not tempt him into peer pressure. People that have a mutual love for God and who he will be able to worship with. I pray that when he gets his heart broken that he will turn to the arms of God for comfort (as well as his mama ;-)). I pray that his friends will lift him up instead of bring him down. It’s so hard to let this little boy go (he’s only going to school, jeez) but I have to also turn to God to help keep my strong. I just don’t ever want him to get his feelings hurt or get made fun of. Or lose a friend. Or get bullied or be the bully himself. I pray that he loves others as Jesus loves him and that he will share the love of God with others.  I just pray for the best for this little boy. He is my heart and soul. That is something that my mom has always told us…that we are her heart and soul. And now, I find myself feeling the exact same way about my boys. But until that fast approaching month of August 2014, I will soak up all the time I can with this baby boy and hold him ever so tightly and pray harder and harder that he will have a wonderful first year of school. 


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