It’s never too early…

I have *NEW* plans. I have *NEW* goals and *NEW* dreams. I want to Be AWESOME and I want to start being awesome NOW! Thank you, Jon Acuff! I don’t know what my future holds or what next week will hold.But I know that in order for it to be even remotely awesome, I have to start NOW! 

So I did what anyone with dreams would do. I set my 6AM alarm to Be Awesome! No, really. I did! 

And so I will do just that! 

I have written before about being the best YOU that you can be. Well, It’s still a daily struggle for me. I don’t want to live my whole life just being content with average. I want to continue to strive for better. For myself, for God, for my husband, and for my kids. My family and friends also deserve a better Jonie. 😉

I have fallen off the “better you” bandwagon and I am ready to hop back on. I need PRAYER, y’all!!!

The only one who will make my dreams happen is ME. I want to turn my hobbies and passions into a career and I’m not gonna get there by sleeping til 8 every morning. 

Or by sitting here writing this blog post. 

So i will leave you with this though…BE AWESOME!!! It’s never too late to start. It’s never too EARLY to start!!! Just Be Awesome!!! in anything that you do.



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