Trying to get over this hurdle…

I am back to where I was 2 years ago, before I got pregnant with Noah. I have started over. My weight is 15 lbs heavier then I was when I got pregnant which means I have gained 15 lbs this past year. I am not back to my heaviest ever weight and I never intend on getting there ever again. I gave all of those clothes away.


I will never buy that size again. I refuse.

This past weekend was HORRIBLE when it comes to what I ate. But in reality, it was a pretty awesome weekend. But let’s stay on track…

So I have snapped back today. I want to make personal challenges with myself.

I have so much inspiration with this. People who don’t even know they inspire me, do. I have a workout buddy this time and we motivate each other.

So with all that above said, I am starting a personal challenge for myself…

I just have to be realistic and figure out what will be most rewarding. My body is different than 2 years ago. I have knee problems now. This isn’t an excuse by any means but I have to take it in consideration as I do not want to have yet, another set back.

I ran at the gym the other day and while I feel that I did great considering I have barely ran in 2 years, I am having slight fare ups in my knees again. It’s rather annoying. So take it from me…TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY and do it before it gets bad. 

This concludes my health post for right now. I will be posting again once I figure out the challenge.


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