New challenge

Happy cold, icy, snowy Friday, y’all!!! Excited to take the boys out to play in the snow one last time in hopes to get in a photoshoot that I promised to get done ASAP. I have been horrible this year with these photoshoots but because my kids have been sick…all year LONG. Jeez! Poor babies. 

Moving on…

So earlier this week I posted that I wanted to start a personal challenge but wasn’t sure what. After an extensive conversation with my sweet friend, I decided that my 1st personal challenge will be a WATER challenge. Good ole H2O. I am HORRIBLE about drinking water. Horrible! 

I’m only assuming that drinking 64 oz of water a day is expected, right?

Well, It will take me at least all day long to get 64 oz down. At least.

I know as I have done it but I didn’t stick to it.

Truth is, when you are consuming that much water in a day, there is no room in your belly to cheat. I just don’t get hungry. But then you have a crazy weekend in which you stop watching what you eat and you go to the Vortex and eat fried pickles, bacon cheese fries with TONS of ranch, then a big A hamburger. Then the next day, you are out and about with the family and so you again, don’t watch what you eat. Then it’s 10:30 on Saturday night and you are at your friend’s house and you realize you haven’t eaten dinner so what would any person do? We order pizza… you get the picture. Great weekend but horrible food weekend…

I will guarantee that I was not drinking 64 oz of water that weekend.

So my 1st personal challenge, start tomorrow is to drink 64 oz of water a day. 

And I won’t have a stopping date. If anything, I will try and make it until *AT LEAST* the 14th and my hope and PRAYER is to keep going. 

YES, I want to lose weight. Duh!!

But ultimately, I want to be healthy. 

I want more babies but I don’t want another overweight pregnancy.

I want to RUN but I will not do that to my body until I have lost a significant amount of weight as I believe my weight is what plays apart in why my knee keeps acting up.

You should do this with me.

Please pray for me as I will need it. 😉


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