Lips are sealed… ;-)

It’s Friday, y’all!!!

And yep! I did it again. I’m in detox mode…from Fb.

Honestly, when you find yourself scrolling just to be scrolling when you’re bored then it’s time to take a break.

And I’m an all or nothin’ kinda girl so u can’t just take a break and remove the app. So I just removed the whole thing, I deactivated.

It’s sad but true. I will own it. As embarrassing as it is for me to admit, I do, indeed, have a problem. :-/

I am very excited about some things I have coming up. I am famous for speaking too soon and then things fall through or I don’t follow through so my lips are sealed until then.

Y’all have a great week end I know I will. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Babies!!! Big and small, I love them all. All babies need love. Love that comes naturally. Love that comes from the heart, because you sincerely love them.

With that said, I have thoroughly enjoyed these past 3 days. Don’t get me wrong, I love every day that I get to be with my boys. But there is some about having 3 boys in your care (one of which isn’t yours). It’s FUN!!!

There is always something to do. There is always somewhere to be. And cleaning up?

Well, it’s doable. It’s not easy. And I completely get it now when I read about other moms with at least 3 kids with their dry shampoo and sock buns. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I get it. LOL

So with this little experience over the past 3 days with babysitting and having 3 kids-a 4 and 1 yr old and an 8 month old, I couldn’t be more certain that I DEFINITELY want more kids. Still 4. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And so it continues…

This is my 10th attempt to blog in the past month, maybe. Each time I’ve opened this app of that I’ve signed on from my laptop, all of my thoughts always seem to vanish.

Tonight, my heart is heavy. I feel like I have the weight of the world riding on my shoulders. Anything and everything.

I want to make sense of it all.

But then I open an email from a blogger that I have been following to read about her daily struggle to make sense of her life with out her 3 baby boys that she has lost. 2 were twins. 1 was just a few weeks old. My heart goes out to her. I do not feel her pain and God knows I never want to. However, I could only imagine what she is going through and it physically hurts my heart. I have cried right along with this woman that I don’t even know while reading her journey.

And so with that said, I know I am blessed and others have it worse than I. BELIEVE me, I know.

And I pray for those people. The ones I am aware of.

But I still have my path to take. My life to live. My journey to take.

I feel like I am at a stand still. Things that I can’t make sense of. Things that I have tried understanding in my mind by reading clichรฉ phrases via social networking. And a few things become clear for a moment. But just for a moment.

My most favorite time of day…


You can barely see this picture, I know.

But this! This moment right here.

This is my favorite time of day. Early in the morning after my husband goes to work and my 1st born wakes up. Almost religiously, he climbs in bed with me and snuggles right up to me.

We lay here and sometimes sleep. Sometimes we watch tv or play on my phone. And sometimes we talk.

But this. This is our special time.

Before the busyness of the day gets in the way. Before my 2nd born wakes up and nearly demands both of our attention for the rest of his day…until his prompt 12:30 nap time.

I don’t get to spend much time with M, just the 2 of us any more. We spend time doing school work or just doing our thing during the day. And with N. I always have fun with both of my boys. But there are so many distractions with every day life (toys, school, tv…).

So I am beyond thankful for these moments. And I’ll cherish them forever as he starts school in just a few short months and our lives will change forever.