And so it continues…

This is my 10th attempt to blog in the past month, maybe. Each time I’ve opened this app of that I’ve signed on from my laptop, all of my thoughts always seem to vanish.

Tonight, my heart is heavy. I feel like I have the weight of the world riding on my shoulders. Anything and everything.

I want to make sense of it all.

But then I open an email from a blogger that I have been following to read about her daily struggle to make sense of her life with out her 3 baby boys that she has lost. 2 were twins. 1 was just a few weeks old. My heart goes out to her. I do not feel her pain and God knows I never want to. However, I could only imagine what she is going through and it physically hurts my heart. I have cried right along with this woman that I don’t even know while reading her journey.

And so with that said, I know I am blessed and others have it worse than I. BELIEVE me, I know.

And I pray for those people. The ones I am aware of.

But I still have my path to take. My life to live. My journey to take.

I feel like I am at a stand still. Things that I can’t make sense of. Things that I have tried understanding in my mind by reading cliché phrases via social networking. And a few things become clear for a moment. But just for a moment.


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