The good guys win and the bad guys lose ;-)

Man! Do I want a coke RIGHT now. No lie. But as always, once I drink a tall glass of water, it’s better than any coke ever. Not always, sometimes. 



A made bed is encouragement more than anything else in the morning. Too bad it doesn’t happen every morning. In fact, it just happened at my house. Like, Just now… But this time, it is made wit fresh sheets thanks to my 1 yr old who thought it would be a great idea to drink my tall glass of water while I wasn’t looking. It scared him a little but it was pretty funny and it got the sheets washed a few days early. 😉

When I was younger and worked for 911, before and when I first got married, I used to tell my co-workers that mine and my husband’s dream was for him to work and let me stay at home with my kids and be a SAHM/house wife. Well, what I should have said is that my dream is to be a SAHM and hire a made. 😉 Let’s face it, I’m a pretty awesome mom (to definitely toot my own horn) but the house wife part? I try…I really, really do. And I do really well for a while and then I decide to venture out of the house for a whole day and…it all seems to spiral out of control. Ok…that’s an overstatement but still. So in order for me to always be 100% happy with myself and not feel like a failure to my kids and husband, I have to stay at home every day (my opinion on this. it seems to be the only way I can stay caught up). To make sure I don’t get too far behind because in all reality, I just don’t have a knack for cleaning. Lordy do I try but I just don’t. I am just not a house keeper by nature. But I will not give up. I’m only 30 and have only been doing this house keeping thing for 4 years (I know if it were an actual employment, I’d be a pro by now) so it’s bound to become 2nd nature to me soon, right? It’s an every day struggle for me. But I want to have a house that I am always 100% proud of. My husband and kids deserve nothing less. 



So as I said, I struggle with that daily and sometimes, among other things, it becomes emotionally draining. Lately, I’ve been fighting an emotional battle over several different things but one day I found this quote over to the right. And every time I want to vent in a blog post or on social networking, I think back to this quote and it stops me. Sometimes it’s hard to think that little ol ME (little is a relative term) could be inspiring someone else. Bu the truth is, I bet I am. Not because I am worthy or I think I’m all that but because everyone is fighting their own battle and maybe there is something I say or do that they have not yet thought of. I mean, I do have friends that come to me to vent or for advice and while I feel that my advice isn’t always the best, it’s still the best I have. I often pull from my own experiences or other’s experiences if needed. And even if I only ever inspire one person in this walk of life, being strong will be worth it in the end. That sounds cliche’ but it’s so true.







This quote… on the left…While I don’t think that I am poor or right for that matter, I feel SO very blessed that I have awesome people in my life. I think that my heart relies more on other people than it relies on God and that is where I go wrong. I used to always get hurt because people wouldn’t treat me the way I treated them. And now I know that that is because my heart was in the wrong place. It’s still an every day struggle for me to not wear my heart on my sleeve. But the more I focus on growing up and becoming a better person and a person that will one day bless others in some way, form or fashion, the easier it becomes. 

So I said the above to say that there are only a handful of people in the little world of mine that I would drop anything for and not have to think twice about it and with that said, I was very happy to not have to think about my answer when my BIL asked me if we would come to his wedding they had it on a Monday. Ok…my actual first thought was why would anyone get married on a Monday but then realized it’s not my business but then getting back to the subject at hand, I didn’t have to even think about why we wouldn’t be there. My exact response to him was “If you are getting married, it doesn’t matter what day it’s on, we will be there”. And I meant that will all of my heart. 😉 He is not just family, he is my brother. My husband’s family to me aren’t just in-laws, they are closer than blood to me. Well, most of my blood relatives anyway. I’m sure that will raise a pickle but my mom knows she is always first. 😉 




A lil Instagram love up there. My boy got new PJ’s from Children’s place a week ago and while it’s a lil snug, they are so stinkin’ adorbs on him!!!! I am in love and the best part? They were only $9.


ImageThese boys!!! Love this shot of them being so naturally in love with one another.



Now this lil cutie right here… there are no words!! He is precious. And this picture reminds me of what a wonderful angel he is at heart when he is busy making my hair turn grey. 😉