Brain dump

One of the things I love most about being Mommy is the conversations I get to have with my kids and for the past couple of days, I’ve barely been able to tell them good morning and good night. This cold or whatever it is needs to go. But it’s good to know (now that I can’t scold my one year old verbally) that with just a look in my 1 yr old’s direction when he’s about to climb on something or…about to…climb on something (I already said that ;-)), that he knows not to. He so politely throws himself on the floor and throws an awesome 1 yr old tantrum.

Yeah, we are working on this.

It’s not easy and he seems to just be getting worse the more we try and stop it. Ignoring it? It works but he still does it more frequently which tells me that it’s a wash. I am ok with it just being a phase and he’ll grow out of it. I’m honestly not sweating it. And I don’t even know if other moms are looking at me funny when my kid falls to the ground and thrashes around in a tantrum because I don’t make it a point to notice. It’s not a forever thing. I am aware of it. And the best part is, I don’t stress over it. He’s only this age for a little while and in a few years, these tantrums won’t be what I’ll remember about this time in his life. 🙂

So I am a baptist and I attempted Lent this year. It went very well for the 2 weeks that I did it. But honestly, I just didn’t give it a good enough attempt. I shall try harder next year, if I feel lead to do it. Are you wondering why I attempted Lent as a Baptist? Well, I did some research about it and I fell in love with the concept. I didn’t feel like I HAD to do it, I just loved the idea of giving something that is a big part of my life up for God for 40 days. And I was excited to see how close I would have gotten to God. If you are wondering what my “thing” was, it was social networking…………….

People always say that their 20’s are/were the best years of their lives. Well, for me, with the exception of my marriage (and the time I spent with my husband before we got married) and the birth of my 2 kids, my 20s pretty much sucked. Life was hard. It seems like I did most of my growing up, experiencing, and learning in within the past few years and for me, that wasn’t that fun, looking back. Granted, it wasn’t all bad. I had some awesome times but the heart breaks that I experience within the past 10 years were hard.

But the person I am today was worth every single bit of those hard times.

And as my heart heals (and it is more and more each day), I am able to be in the “now” and to experience these awesome moments that I’ve had so far in my 30’s (even if I have only been 30 for 4 months. lol).

I feel like where I am now…everything…some I have talked about and some I haven’t, has been handed to me by the hands of God himself. And I am still so scared to lose it. To mess it up. To not give the praises to the One that deserves it.
My biggest problem sometimes is giving too much praise to mankind instead of the hand that feeds me.

So I planned and planned and planned for my boy’s Easter outfits. I am a frequent Children’s Place shopper and one day, I fell in love with this tiny little vest that was too small for both of my boys. So I looked at Children’s Place online and saw an assortment of cute little vests and I was instantly overwhelmed. The only thing I knew was I needed to have those vests in my boy’s lives. True story.

So I planned their whole entire Easter outfits around those cute little vests. And I envisioned having their pictures taken in front of a brown cabin or a barn or something that would look great in Sepia tent. 😉

So we took my boys and my good friend’s kids to the park and went crazy with my camera. And I must say that I am getting better with that old thang. It’s always been a dream of mine to become a photographer but I just never felt like I was good enough with the camera or editing. Not good enough to charge people anyway. And honestly, there are lots of people who are better with their camera than I am with mine. But I’ve been doing lots of studying up on my camera and settings and practicing on my photoshop and I am finally confident enough to charge a small fee. I just have to understand that not everyone is going to like my work. But if people want them bad enough, they are willing to pay for them. I will always do the best that I can to produce the best work that I can. And I will only get better with trial and error. So with a little more thought and research, you may be seeing me post about my new business one day in the near future. 🙂