Just what I needed

My mother in law is freaking awesome!
She isn’t perfect but you don’t have to be perfect to be awesome.
I am living proof. Ha!

Today was my 1st Born’s 5 yr we’ll check. So we did that then had lunch and ran a couple of errands.

Originally, I had plans to have a play date with my favorite friend and all of our sweet babies but that was cancelled. And while I missed hanging out with them, I have never been happier for cancelled plans because today was just me and my 1st boy. And I had the best time with him. And he said that he had so much fun with me too. And while we didn’t doing anything to speak of really, today was exactly what I needed before next week.

Today was special because he didn’t have to be big brother or my big boy helper. He got to be just Matthew and all the wonderfulness that is he. We talked and played rhyming and color games. We raced to see who could buckle up first. I broke my healthy streak just for lunch and we raced to see who could finish our desserts first.

It has been the best day. My heart is full and I am one happy Mommy.

He isn’t perfect and neither am I. And a lot of days, it’s hard with his 5 yr old attitude. But it’s a daily work in progress.

I am thankful for today, for my boy, for the alone time we had together today.


Life’s about to change and nothing ever stays the same…

So life as it stands for me is the usual…awesome, in my opinion. But there people might share a difference in opinion about my life.

My oldest is starting Kindergarten in just 2 weeks or so. We have been hyping him up for it, getting him ready. Shopping and reading him books about it. And overall, he is pretty darn excited about it as of now. Mission accomplished! 😉

Now who’s gonna get me ready for it?!
Just asking…

He just turned 5 about a week ago. And we took him on a train ride to New Orleans. We all had so much fun. We don’t really go out of town much so this was kinda really awesome for us.





Then when we got home, we threw him an awesome birthday party at home in our back yard essentially. His friends and family came and we just all had a blast.



Am I ready for him to be 5? No! I love looking back at his old pictures and just miss him as a baby SO much. He is almost not the same person anymore. He has grown into one of the most smartest kids I know. He tries to be one step ahead of his mom and dad so I have to be quicker. 😉 He has taught me SO much in my 5 yrs of parenting. I am definitely not the same person as I was when he was born; we grew up together. He is, was and always will be my Everything. He loves me more than anyone else on the planet. He’s definitely a mama’s boy and I just pray PRAY pray that he stays that way. Not in a “I’m gonna get made fun of in school” kind of way but I pray he always knows he has open arms in me and that he will always come to me. For everything!

Quality over quantity

Quality over Quantity! This has been my mental phrase for a couple of days now. But I can’t take credit for it as it was because of one of my best friends that I even use it now. But this phrase, due to the circumstance I was in at the time those words came to me, will probably follow me for the rest of my life.

I will be honest and “petty” if you will and say that it bothers me more than it should when people, loved ones even, don’t show up to my boy’s birthday parties. It breaks my heart for them even though they have no clue. All they know is there is cake, his mom and dad, a few friends and cousins, presents and in this last party’s case, a SLIP N SLIDE and an ALLIGATOR pool and my 5 yr old had a blast. He didn’t even notice who wasn’t there. But you know who did? ME!!! And even though the ones that DID call to say they couldn’t make it, regardless the reason, called, It still bothered me. And at first, it ruined my day but I put my big girl panties on and dealt with it. I didn’t want my kids to see the disgust or sadness on my face. I just want my kids to always have the best birthday experience I can give them. And ultimately, being their mama and wanting what’s best for them, I want everyone else to care as much as I do. But not that they don’t care (because I know they do), they will never care as much as I care as I am Mommy. People have their own lives and as much as I wish they would stop everything for my kids, they just simply can’t. lol In a perfect world, though. In a perfect world. So anyway, there is no point in me getting upset about it every single year.

With all of the above said, I do not want my boys to be like me. I don’t want them to worry about who isn’t there. I always want them to feel extremely loved because of who is always there for them. And that number will probably be able to be counted on just one hand. at most, one and a half hands. I would rather them have a few close true friends than to be the most popular person in school with a whole host of people around you all the time and still feel completely alone. I want them to always choose quality over quantity. Look at the quality of a person rather than the popularity of a person.

And this little life lesson starts with me! Being a mom, I am constantly becoming a better person because my kids are watching me. And Lord knows that I do not want my kids to be like me when it comes to certain aspect of ME. I want to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve all the time and strap on a pair of big girl panties so I can teach my kids early that it doesn’t matter how many people are in theirs lives. It matters WHY they are in theirs lives. I love them to pieces and I want to become a better person than I was yesterday. Not just for myself but for them too.

Nap time diary

“Mommy, will you pray for me?” are the sweetest words I could ever hear out of my almost 5 yr old’s mouth. And my answer was and always will be “Of course!”, with out question, no matter what I’m doing.


It’s almost birthday time for my First Born so I pulled out my old dusty external hard drive and the kids and I spent the morning looking at pictures of the FB’s first year. =) I actually pulled it out last night and I have spent the morning watching videos, looking at pictures, crying, laughing, and smiling. And watching my 2nd Born point out all the people he knows and M saying how much he remembers…as a 2 month old…. 😉


One of the memories I found while looking through the external hard drive this morning. =)
One of the memories I found while looking through the external hard drive this morning. =)

I know that I have talked about this before but I am an emotional basket case when I allow myself to think about him going to Kindergarten. Of course, I am MOMMY and I don’t really have the time to turn into a basket case and so I don’t. I am sure I am saving it all up for his first day of school.


The upside? I have a legit excuse to go shopping for him again. Although, I’ve never really needed an excuse before other than “…but they had a sale!” ha!


>>>>>>Random thought<<<<<< So I have recently been reminded about a few things of my past and I have to say that I am SO thankful for how far I’ve come and that some things never change. And I became even more thankful for my little life. And to think about where I was…it’s a little scary now that I’m on the outside looking in and I’m SO glad that that’s not me anymore.


A few more sweet pictures I cam across. DSC09510