Life’s about to change and nothing ever stays the same…

So life as it stands for me is the usual…awesome, in my opinion. But there people might share a difference in opinion about my life.

My oldest is starting Kindergarten in just 2 weeks or so. We have been hyping him up for it, getting him ready. Shopping and reading him books about it. And overall, he is pretty darn excited about it as of now. Mission accomplished! 😉

Now who’s gonna get me ready for it?!
Just asking…

He just turned 5 about a week ago. And we took him on a train ride to New Orleans. We all had so much fun. We don’t really go out of town much so this was kinda really awesome for us.





Then when we got home, we threw him an awesome birthday party at home in our back yard essentially. His friends and family came and we just all had a blast.



Am I ready for him to be 5? No! I love looking back at his old pictures and just miss him as a baby SO much. He is almost not the same person anymore. He has grown into one of the most smartest kids I know. He tries to be one step ahead of his mom and dad so I have to be quicker. 😉 He has taught me SO much in my 5 yrs of parenting. I am definitely not the same person as I was when he was born; we grew up together. He is, was and always will be my Everything. He loves me more than anyone else on the planet. He’s definitely a mama’s boy and I just pray PRAY pray that he stays that way. Not in a “I’m gonna get made fun of in school” kind of way but I pray he always knows he has open arms in me and that he will always come to me. For everything!


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