Just what I needed

My mother in law is freaking awesome!
She isn’t perfect but you don’t have to be perfect to be awesome.
I am living proof. Ha!

Today was my 1st Born’s 5 yr we’ll check. So we did that then had lunch and ran a couple of errands.

Originally, I had plans to have a play date with my favorite friend and all of our sweet babies but that was cancelled. And while I missed hanging out with them, I have never been happier for cancelled plans because today was just me and my 1st boy. And I had the best time with him. And he said that he had so much fun with me too. And while we didn’t doing anything to speak of really, today was exactly what I needed before next week.

Today was special because he didn’t have to be big brother or my big boy helper. He got to be just Matthew and all the wonderfulness that is he. We talked and played rhyming and color games. We raced to see who could buckle up first. I broke my healthy streak just for lunch and we raced to see who could finish our desserts first.

It has been the best day. My heart is full and I am one happy Mommy.

He isn’t perfect and neither am I. And a lot of days, it’s hard with his 5 yr old attitude. But it’s a daily work in progress.

I am thankful for today, for my boy, for the alone time we had together today.


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