Nap time diary…

I am a very vocal person and I have been extremely vocal about my baby going to kindergarten. Not my “baby” baby…my big boy baby. And I know several mama’s whose babies are going off to Kindergarten this year and some who are going off to preK. And though they aren’t as vocal as I am, I know that they are sad, too. Some are actually happy. LOL

I just don’t want him to grow up. I want another 5 yrs with him to do all the things I never got to do with him. I want to teach him even more things that I already have. I want to make even more memories and teach him more than I already have. I know that I will still get to do all of those things with him. I’m just not ready for Kindergarten to have him yet.

So on another note, I have started my photography page on FB and hopefully will be starting a good business really soon. You can find me here

People are cruel and so I am sure that I have a few “haters” out there who thinks I shouldn’t have a business. The truth is, I know my pictures aren’t as good as a lot of people’s pictures. I know I have a long way to go. But the reality is, I am starting this business because I love taking pictures. I love making memories.

I bought my first DSLR when my oldest turned 1. And while I had no clue what to do with my camera, I knew that I loved the crisp, sharp photos that it took. My son deserved the best pictures out there. I tried practicing on different people and things and over the years with practice, studying, and experience, I am now comfortable enough to charge for my work. I enjoy capturing memories and everyone who is around me on the reg knows how much I love it. =)

The last few posts have been about my 1st born and I have been neglecting to mention my sweet 19 month old. He is growing so fast and talking like crazy (for a 19 month old). He has no fear and wants to do everything Brother does. He is goofy and will look you dead in the face and laugh at you if you are crying. He is going to be our family goofball because well, he already is. I love both of my boys so very much!


One thought on “Nap time diary…

  1. Happy for you. The more pictures you take the better photographer you become. Now that I placed my shop on vacation. I will have time to enjoy my 2nd grader and have time to do things with my retired husband. Snap away Jonie and make memories. XOXO

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