1st day of Kindergarten

Well, it’s happening. My oldest is in school. And I want to write about this while my feelings are fresh because I feel that I will be most honest this way.

Yesterday was such an exciting day!!! We woke up, showered, got dressed, brushed our teeth (before breakfast. It’s just the way we do it), ate breakfast, took pictures then loaded in the car and headed to the school. Just FYI, I will not be posting any of his school pictures for his safety. =)

He hopped out, gave his daddy a hug (daddy had tears) and I and my big ole camera walked him right in. He found his own classroom. On our walk, he pointed out all the Ninja Turtle backpacks we saw, none were just like his (thankfully). The process inside took a while but once he got his name tag on, he was ready to get the day started. I saw the little boys at one of the tables point Matthew and his Ninja Turtle shirt and bookbag out. He started off to hang his backpack with his teacher’s assistant and I had to call him back to grab a hug before he forgot all about me. LOL After hanging his bag, I slowly but surely made my way out of the door as my part in his school day was over until school was out and I’d get to pick him up.

But before I left, I stood at the door to see where he’d be sitting. He chose to sit at the table with the little boys I mentioned earlier. And then I waited to see if they started talking to him. At first, one little boy was stand-offish and I immediately wanted to go and start a conversation with the boys to get them to talk to Matthew. But I don’t know what happened or what Matthew said but they eventually started talking and for that, I was thankful! I snapped a far away picture (thankful for my camera’s awesome zoom) then said an eye open prayer (so that no one thought I was falling asleep) over him. And turned around and walk to the car. No major tears. Just watery eyes. I guess I knew I had to be strong for my baby. And subconsciously, I knew I couldn’t cry.

The whole day was spent running errand with my husband and the babies. It was a busy day but I feel like I didn’t get anything of importance done. Well, besides getting that expired tag renewed….ooops!

I anticipated the hours til we got to go and pick him up. And the time came then we went to it in the car rider line for what felt like 2 hours. My stomach was in knots and I couldn’t wait to hear all about his 1st day of Kindergarten.

We finally pull up and he’s see’s us and can’t wait to come hop in. Once he gets in and gets settled, he tell one of the babies that he was in Kindergarten all day.

The first thing he said was “Mommy, school was great!” Daddy asked questions and I just sat there and listened so intently. I just hung on his every little word. With a huge smile on my face. I loved hearing about Kindergarten from his perspective.

And he couldn’t wait to go back today.

And we get him off to school with his daddy this morning and immediately, my Favorite calls me and I believe that that’s exactly what I needed to get my mind off of things. But it’s been a couple of hours and here I sit…sad. Playing with the babies and missing him so badly. I just wish I knew what exactly he is doing each time he does it. But this is a part of letting him grow up. He baby stage is over. He is now a big boy (he has been a big boy for quite some time but now, he’s a BIG big boy) and it’s time to let him go. He will be home every afternoon and every weekend.

But for right now (and the rest of our lives), this is our life and I’m sure it will get easier. And I just can’t wait to hear all about his 2nd day of Kindergarten.

I didn’t make it a secret that I was sad, scared, excited and every other emotion on the planet about my baby going to school. And yesterday, I felt such love, encouragement, and support from all of my friends and family.

The day before, my baby got calls (and skyped) from his aunt and grandparents, got to go hang out with his cousin at the park for a little bit. He had such a great day. And before bed last night, he got calls again asking how his day was. He, too, has been shown so much love from his family.

We are incredibly blessed with such awesome family and friends.

And while I was all wrapped up in my pity party, I didn’t even think to offer a kind word to all of the other moms who are experiencing the same thing as I am. Their first baby is going to school for the first time too. And they are right there with me. And us Mama’s have to stick together and let one another know that they are not alone.

So for all the love I was shown yesterday, I am thankful! So thankful.


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