There are a few things I learned while on vacation…

Florida is HOT. It was 102 out while we were driving home yesterday. Crazy!

I’m not a huge fan of the beach. Because first of all, Florida is HOT. 2ndly, the sand is HOT and gets everywhere. I can not tell you how much sand I have eaten this past week. Or swallowed while drinking my bottled water on the beach. Or how much sand I still felt in my mouth after not even being at the beach for a whole day.
3rdly, seaweed is gross and I don’t like getting into the ocean if I can’t see the bottom.

Vacation was not what I expected it to be. Because first of all, I expected to relax a little more than I did. But there’s this little thing called being a parent that’s a little (a lot actually) bit more important than being useless on the beach. lol

I expected to watch the sun rise a few times, watch the sun set a few times, take countless walks on the beach with my man, just lay on the beach and relax and just admire God’s wonderful work of art. I expected to have some extra, much needed one on one time with God and develop a whole new purpose of life. I expected to play and play and play on the beach with my babies. I expected to explore my photography and capture God’s creations.

But as reality would have it….things didn’t go as expected.

First of all, Florida was HOT! We didn’t get fully ready to leave the condo most days until after noon. Then we stayed out most days extremely late and then either hung out as a family before actually calling it a night or we just went straight to bed. So no watching the sun rise or set for me. LOL My husband and I ended up getting sick which landed me in bed for a few hours one day.

But above all of that, we have the time of our lives. We didn’t dwell on what we didn’t get to do because what we did do meant so much more.

I got to spend time with my babies and just love on them and spoil them for an entire week. We played in the ocean with them. We had dinners on the balcony, played board games with them, had countless conversations with them, played in the pool, had a pool party, let them stay up at late as they could stand it. And I fell in love with my kids even more than I ready was. I didn’t know it was possible to love someone that you already love with all of your being, more.

I got a tattoo (henna) or 2. I didn’t watch what I ate- at all. I got to spend nearly every waking minute with my man. I got to bond with my sister-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law. And I feel that we all grew closer as a family. I definitely didn’t get tired of seeing their faces every day.

We laughed and laughed, ate, played, argued, talked and just enjoyed each other’s company for 7 days.

This Florida vacation wasn’t what I had expected but it turned out to be SO MUCH MORE. We made memories than I’ll remember for a life time. And I am SO glad that I got what I needed out of this vacation instead of what I thought I wanted. What I got was some good family therapy. There is no other people that I will love more on this earth than my family.

I am thankful to everyone that made this week possible for us. 🙂 I am thanking God for giving us what we needed on this family vacation and knowing what we needed and for reminding me that it is not MY will but His!

I can’t wait for our next family vacation. Hopefully it won’t be another 5 yrs. 😉


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