Always got something insightful to say…

Today, I am getting long overdue work done. And it definitely isn’t complete for doesn’t feel right unless I have coffee within arm’s reach and itunes playing in the background. =)


I have realized that life has been weird since my family returned home from vacation. It seems like our house is falling apart. But we still have a house and it keeps cool (kinda) and we definitely don’t get rained on. So we are blessed! And very grateful.

Just a random thought for you…

This stuff works wonders for my son’s eczema. It clears his poor little legs up in a day, just one use at times. So if you are in need of some good medicine, I just grabbed it at a local Wal-Mart in the pharmacy section.

photo (6)

On a more insightful note (Please know that the following is very hard for me to write about. I have tried several times but I’ve always seemed to lose my train of thought. But today, it all poured right on out.)

It is so easy to get wrapped up in every day life or to lose yourself in relationships or friendships. And it’s easy to lose sight of what or who’s really important. I am a prime example of everything I just said. And I have a track record of expecting too much out of people and usually end up feeling disappointed. So as I said in the post about vacation, I didn’t have “much” thinking and devotional time but what I did come to realize while on vacation is that I get disappointed in people, not because of anything they have done specifically but because there is this happiness that I am seeking (from people) that only God can fill. And it sometimes results in hurt feelings or friendships and such.

Let me say it loudly, I rely too much on my friends and other people to make me happy when I should be trying to find that happiness in God alone.

And on this same note, I also realized that I obsess over the status of a friendship or relationship. That if we don’t talk daily or hang out weekly, we aren’t good friends. Or I wonder what have I done to make this person not want to be around me (what?!?!) I have NO clue who told me that it’s a rule that in order to be best friends or even good friends, you have to hang out a certain amount of times or talk a specific amount of times a week. I’m sure no one but somewhere down the line, that’s the image of a BFF that I have created in my mind.

But God showed me, during vacation, that there are no other people on this planet that I should care THAT much about other than God himself, my husband, and children. And not even in a “crazy” way. I should care more about the status of my relationship with those people more than I should care about anyone else. Don’t get me wrong because I care the most about them. More than anyone. Ever. They are my world! But if my heart was right with God then they should be all that I need to be genuinely happy. And IF I make friends along the way then awesome. If I make a best friend along the way, praise God, you know!

So with all of that said, God has blessed me with some amazing friends who love me and would do anything for me at any given moment as I would for them. These are some awesome woman with great hearts. And I am thankful to call them my best friends. And I have learned recently that I should not expect so much of them for they can not fill the space in my heart that is only reserved for God Himself.

But that happens to go for everything in life, though. We should always seek God’s approval first and foremost. And it’s easy, really easy to forget that. But I have to tell you, ever since I have come to this realization, my heart has been way more peaceful. And I haven’t worried as much. And it would even be safe to say that I have been way less high maintenance. Ha!

Now to eat. =)