For anyone who follows my blog but doesn’t follow me on social media: I am extremely happy to say that we are extending our family!!!! Baby number 3 will make his or her appearance sometime around April 23rd.

So now that the cats out of the bag that we have a bun in the oven, I can finally write about my feelings and experiences so far during this pregnancy.

1st of all, finding out was a great surprise but this pregnancy was planned, if that makes any sense at all. Basically, I go through phases where we try and try and I waste about $40-$60 on pregnancy tests (and even mistake a $20 box of ovulation sticks for pregnancy sticks) and nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Never did get even close to pregnant. So I would stop “expecting” to get pregnant and just started practicing for the fun of it. 😉 and then Bam! Missed period? Other preggo symptoms? Took a test and I finally see TWO LINES!!!!

So since I took the test in a Wal-Mart bathroom, I hurried the kids out of the stall, washed my hands, told the first person I saw that I’M PREGNANT!!!! She laughed at me but said congratulations. Hurried the kids to car, rushed putting my groceries in, threw away the caffeinated beverages I was drinking because now, NOW, I knew that I am PREGNANT!!!! Since I was meeting my husband for lunch that day, I rushed at fast and as safely as I could to his work and waited impatiently for him to get off the call he suddenly got just before I got there. Stood outside of the car, test in hand, hidden behind my back. Told him to close his eye as he walked out. As he stood before me, I presented the test to him and to his surprise, he is gonna be a DADDY for the 3rd time.

It is actually happening. I’m gonna be a Mommy of 3!!!!!!!! And now that we have announced it to our closest family and friends, I can scream it to the world!!!!!!!!!!! I can finally show how excited I am that I have a little plum (now) growing inside of me. Words can not express my excitement and my thankfulness.

I just can not wait to have 3 little babies running around. 3 human beings that I made. With the help of God and my husband, of course. I’m already wondering all the things about this baby. Boy or girl? Who will he or she look like? If it’s a girl, will she look like me or will she look like my Husband’s side (my hope is my Husband’s side)?

Do I want a boy or a girl?

Well, for the longest time, I’ve been in love with the idea of having all boys. I just love it. I love being a boy mom. I think I’ve pretty much got that part down thus far. But each time I get pregnant, I know there is always that chance that I could also possibly have a girl. Then I also fall in love with the thought of having a girl. My house will be taken over by the color PINK. Tutus, headbands, shoes (Omgosh at the shoes), and pretty much all things pink. I thought I was a DIY mom already. Please me, now, will be nothing compared to me as a girl mom in the DIY department!!!!

So to answer my self-asked question, I don’t care. I still LOVE the idea of having all boys. But I’m also in love with the idea of having a girl. So it’s whatever God chooses to make me. 🙂

Stay tuned for more preggo updates cause I know I’ll have lots of them. 🙂