Daily Reminder!!!

Hello, Strangers of the blogging world! Life has been busy for me, to say the least. New baby…motherly duties, housewife duties, wife duties… It has been non-stop for me.

With everything going on, it’s easy for me to forget a chore here and before I know it, we are living in a pile of clutter. Nobody likes clutter. So today, I decided to put an end to that so I hopped on Photoshop and made me up a “Daily Reminder” picture that I’m gonna hang in my kitchen. Or most likely, somewhere that I pass by several times a day.

I chose the things that I find most important in my daily life as well as a favorite Bible verse. I am sure there are more but these are the ones I was able to think of today. I’ll probably have the list extended by tomorrow.


I hope this gives you an idea to help de-clutter YOUR life just a little. =) You are welcome to save this picture and use it as your own. Just please give credit to my blog.


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