My Mommy Time

I am folding towels at 1:30 AM. I had to stop and ask myself why and I quickly reminded myself that it’s because we’ve been without a washer for a week and a half now. For no reason other than my husband and I were tired of our old one so he sold it before purchasing a new one. Then we had to wait til today to have it delivered. Hashtag: laundry room drama. lol
So I’ve had to stop and remind myself why I started taking pictures in the first place. I had to remind myself of that feeling I got when the whole new DSLR world first became MY world. That feeling I got when I was able to capture my oldest son’s every single movement each second for an entire minute. That feeling I got knowing that my baby’s memories would be captured in a crisp, clear high quality digital form.
I loved that feeling!!!
All of those smiles. And soon enough, all of those beautiful smiles covered my walls and refrigerator. Photo albums everywhere. Because of my need to capture my son’s every moment, I fell in love with photography!!!! 

It wasn’t instant and it actually took a lot of time and thought before I realized that I want to do for other people (parents), what I do for ME. Which is capture sweet precious moments of their most precious joys–their children, and to capture sweet family moments. 

So that’s what I did. Later down the rode, I improved and decided to start my photography page thinking it was gonna be a cake walk. I quickly learned that it was everything but. I assumed people would be beating down my door wanting sessions. Wrong! 

I knew I was better than before but I still had a ways to go. So I studied and practiced. And studied. And practiced. And as much as I have improved over time…tonight, I learned that all the logistics of my camera is still pretty overwhelming. I mean I understand my camera a great deal but I am constantly trying to better my work-for me. I didn’t give up when things were hard before so I’m not gonna give up now. 

Once I came back to reality and remembered why I started JSF photography, I started enjoying my sessions even more. I started to shoot what feels right. What makes the most precious moments. Pictures that I’d want of my own babies. 🙂 I do it for MY love for photography and for making pretty things. And ultimately, I do it for the memories than lye on the other end of my lens. ❤ competition is tough but I’m gonna keep doing this for me! Photography is MY Mommy Time!!!